Free App Friday – February 5, 2016: Something for Everyone

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will provide learning and entertainment for all age levels in your house. With some great apps for toddlers who are just learning about their world to your middle or high school age children who need help learning american history, there is something for everyone!

American Presidents for iPad

Does your middle or high school student need help with remembering the american presidents? This app comes with a lot of information to keep them up to speed. With biographical essays on each president, your student will get detailed information on each president and what happened during their term in office. This app also comes with a timeline, photographs and portraits, and The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. This app will also be great for anyone who wants to learn more about our country’s history.

Happy Critters

Your whole family can enjoy this app together. In this matching memory game, you can play yourself or against friends and family. With 9 levels and multiple game modes, have fun trying to master them all. You can play either matching or memory, but be careful in some games you are racing the clock!

I Can Count

Your preschooler will have fun learning to count with their favorite animals. No tracking, no pressure. This app allows them to learn how to count and encourages them even when they get the answer wrong. This app is great for beginners who are just learning the concept of counting.

100 Vehicles for Babies and Toddlers

Is your child constantly yelling out the vehicles they see while driving down the road? Are you constantly answering questions about “what is that?” This is the app for you. This app teaches your child the names of 100 vehicles from 12 different categories. High resolution images, and cute animations will keep them hooked for hours as they learn and discover all the different vehicles they see on the road.