Free App Friday – December 23, 2016- Free Apps for Christmas

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, but rest easy, they will be learning at the same time. If you are thinking of some last minute presents for your kids, why not grab some free apps? Today through Monday (December 26) Vyaap has all of their apps available for free. Some are listed below but make sure to check out all of their apps they have available.

Vehicle Sounds for Kids

Vehicle Sounds for Kids offer kids the chance to recognize the sounds, names, and appearance of 39 different vehicles. They will have a great time listening to the multiple sounds each vehicle can make. Bright pictures will keep even the youngest child engaged.

Elastic Alphabets for Kids

Elastic Alphabets for Kids is a comprehensive teaching app that uses animations, sounds, and visuals to teach the alphabet. You can read our full review of this app here.

Montessori for Kids

Montessori for Kids is a great app to get your preschooler learning. It covers a wide range of skills that preschooler need to know, such as colors, numbers, shapes, feelings, and more. It is very intuitive and easy to play for your little ones. Attractive visuals and sounds will keep them entertained as they move through the categories.

Aesops Fables

Aesops Fables are a great way to teach moral lessons. This app comes with 150 stories for you to read with your child. They can be read in four languages. You can use the search feature to find the stories you are looking for as well as mark which ones you have read. Introducing your child to moral lessons through stories is a great way to start a dialogue with your child about right and wrong.

Animal Sounds and Pictures

Introduce your child to some amazing animals with Animal Sounds and Pictures. They will love being able to see animals from the zoo and hear the sounds they make. This app also includes 5 different games for them to interact with the animals. Bring some amazing wildlife in to your child’s hands, today.