Free App Friday – August 26, 2016: Back to School

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire to play games after school while continuing to learn. Scratch Jr. is a great app for your kids who love to figure out how things work. Got a smarty pants who loves to show off? Professor Noggin’s Trivia Card Game will be perfect for them to test their knowledge. Todo Math will keep math skills in check while they play with monsters. MarcoPolo Ocean is great for nature fans. Let’s Name Things Fun app will help you evaluate your child’s vocabulary and abilities to understand categorization. Let’s jump in!

Professor Noggin’s Trivia Card Game

Professor Noggin’s Trivia Card Game brings together geography, history, and science in a fun app where everyone can test their knowledge. This app also features puzzles and videos, giving your kids even more opportunities to learn. This app will have something to please everyone.

Todo Math

Todo Math is an educational app that will give your child lots of good practice with math. Suited for those in elementary school, Todo Math has daily adventures, missions, monster based quizzes, and more. This app covers a wide range of math skills, including: basic facts, shapes, sorting, money reasoning and more. A great way to get that extra math practice  while your kids are dying to play games.

MarcoPolo Ocean

Get your explorers ready for the ocean. MarcoPolo Ocean allows your children to discover the ocean while using STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles. They can drive a boat, build their own coral reef, create an aquarium and more. They will have over 30 different species to interact with in their ocean, plus plenty of open play to allow their imaginations to create without pressure. Cute graphics will keep you children entertained for hours.

Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. teaches kids to program their own interactive stories and games using the popular scratch programming language. They will learn to design projects, and solve problems as they create characters who can sing, dance, jump, and more. This is a great way for kids to understand how the apps they love to play so much work.

Let’s Name Things Fun Deck

Let’s Name Things Fun Deck are flash cards you can use to help your child with vocabulary and categorization skills. There are 52 different cards for your kid to see. The prompts can be read by your child or they can tap the screen to have the prompts read to them. You can track correct and incorrect answers and get reports to see how your child is doing.