Free App Friday – August 19, 2016: Imaginations Needed!

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will get your kids brains thinking while the play and create. Plum’s Creaturizer and Imagination Playground 3D Builder will give your child the opportunity to let their imaginations soar as they have the ability to create amazing creatures and buildings. Do your kids constantly want to take pictures? Pocket Art Lab and Alien Assignment will allow your kids to scratch that itch while having some fun with the pictures as well. WonderBox is a neat app that will allow your kids to learn through videos, maps, and more all kinds of information about geography, science, design, and art.

Plum’s Creaturizer

Plum’s Creaturizer is a unique app that will get your whole family interacting with nature. In this app, your child will have the opportunity to create a billion unique creatures using the body parts of over a hundred different animals. They will be able to customize each animal part they pick and then the real fun begins. They can take pictures that will feature their animal. They will also get to think through things such as the environment their animal lives, the food they eat and what they need to survive. This is a great app to get your child’s imagination flowing and get them excited about nature (if they aren’t already) at the same time!


WonderBox is an interesting little app that gives your child the opportunity to explore, well, pretty much anything. WonderBox allows kids to explore subjects such as science, geography, design, art and more. They are given tools to interact and create with what they are learning. With more than 3,000 maps, videos, and curated content, there is so much to learn and so little time.


Pocket Art Lab

Pocket Art Lab is a fun app that allows your kids to take a picture, decorate it and send it (with your permission of course). Do you have friends and family that live far away? Is it someone’s birthday and your forgot a card? Pocket Art Lab is a great way to involve your kids in sending pictures and greetings and they will get a kick of all the ways they can create.

Imagination Playground 3D Builder

If you’ve got kids who love to build, here is a great app for you. Imagination Playground 3D Builder allows your child to create whatever they want. With no rules and no agenda, your child’s imagination and creativity will be let loose as they test their ideas. There is a gravity mode where the objects will take on their physical properties which will allow your child to see what would really work and what would fall. A great way to test and tweak their building designs.

Alien Assignment

Oh no! The Gloop’s spacecraft has crashed and now they can’t get home. Your child’s mission, should they choose to accept it, will be to take pictures of everyday items around the house to help the Gloop’s repair the spacecraft so they can make their way home. This app is unique in the way it brings parents and kids together to solve the problem. That’s right, your kids need your help! You will help them as they sort through their pictures to find exactly what is needed to fix the spacecraft. It’s a great way to engage with your kids as you help them learn to problem solve together.