Free App Friday – April 22, 2016: Learning is Fun.

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will introduce thinking and problem-solving skills that are foundational to your childs’ success. Ready to Print will build letter awareness skills. Matrix Game 3 reinforces visual discrimination and spatial orientation. Let’s Name Fun Things introduces vocabulary. ABA – Problem Solving and Amazing Coin will lay a great foundation in problem-solving skills.

Ready to Print

Build early writing skills and gain a sense of shape, motion, and letter awareness with Ready to Print. Read our full review here.

Matrix Game 3

Matrix Game 3 is an app that teaches visual perception skills. Meant for kids 6+, they will use visual discrimination and spatial orientation to categorize and classify the shapes that fill the matrix. Your child will also get practice in concentration and attention which is great for those wiggly kids who have trouble focusing on one thing.

ABA – Problem Solving

ABA-Problem Solving- What does not belong is an app that teaches concepts such as colors, up and down, and left and right. While they are introduced to these concepts in a fun and engaging way, they will also learn what doesn’t belong by discriminating objects by size, color, shape, or orientation. There are many features to go along with this app such as: recording your own voice, adding your own items, and adding your own concepts. Hours of fun await your little one as this app engages with fun pictures and an easy learning environment.

Let’s Name Fun Things Deck

This colorful vocabulary app has a deck of 52 cards for your child to identify. Select the cards you want your child to see and they will learn vocabulary, categorizing, and thinking skills. The app will prompt them by asking them to identify things in a certain category, like things that live in the ocean. This app comes with a number of features for you to track progress and see where your child needs extra help.

Amazing Coin

Amazing Coin is an app that teaches how to solve math problems with coins. 9 interactive games go over concepts such as counting, paying, making change, and more. Correct answers earn them a quarter which they can spend later. This app is a great way for them to learn early money skills.