Free App Friday – February 26, 2016: Great Learning Apps

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will teach learning in a fun way. Many apps are customizable so you can add what you want them to learn. Matching- My First Brain Training app and Dic-Dic will teach your child new languages. Laugh and Learn, Kids Learning, and Little Writer will teach letter and number recognition, as well as sounds and how to write.

Matching- My First Brain Training

This app teaches your child the names of letters, colors, and numbers in different languages. The easy to use app will allow your child to learn new languages through games in which native speakers speak the language. My First Brain Training is a safe app that your child will be able to use on their own.

Dic-Dic. Multilingual Dictation to Practice Spelling, Writing, and Sound Letter Matching.

Dic-Dic is a nice introduction to basic words in several languages. It will help students learn to spell and read over a hundred different words in their native language, then can introduce them to several other languages. Read the full review of this app here.

Laugh and Learn- Learning Letters Monkey App

Using fun animations, your baby will learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Fun characters help them through the alphabet, counting 1-10, and end with dancing to celebrate. This app also has 4 songs they can sing and dance along to. This app also works with the apptivity monkey which allows your child to use the app with the monkey’s paws.

Kids Learning- My First Numbers Counting Game

Help your child learn numbers with this app. They will learn counting and number recognition. You can even make your own flashcards, record your voice, and add your own pictures. 6 different play modes and fully customizable cards allow you to make this game unique.

Little Writer- The Tracing App For Kids

Tracing and learning to write has never been more fun. Your child will learn upper and lowercase letters, number 1-10, basic shapes, and dozens of three and four letter words. You can also add your own words and language to fully customize this app. You can even add pictures of family members and they can learn to trace the names.