Encouraging Creativity In Your Kids: A Few Tips

Encouraging creativity in your children is a wonderful thing, as it helps cultivate their minds and gives them an idea of what they’re good at and what they might like to do when grown. If you want to emphasize creativity in your household but are a little stuck as to how to go about it, check out the following tips:

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Promote Boredom

Promote boredom in your household! You might be thinking “Whhaaatttt?” right now, but remember: a household full of entertainment won’t spark creativity, but it will result in distraction. Rather than raising kids who simply wait to be entertained, create limits regarding the television, computer, and video games. See if it doesn’t encourage your kids to explore the outdoors, make up games, try assorted arts and crafts, etc. If promoting boredom doesn’t appear to be working, add a little structure, such as saying “I’m going to leave these paints and paper on the back porch. Why don’t you try recreating the tallest tree in the backyard?”

Don’t Allow Competition

Separate your kids if they appear to be competing over who is the most creative, who gets the paintbrush next, and so on. Give each child their own space and resources to be creative. For example, if one of your children loves molding clay, set up an area in your garage or basement for “fun with clay”….invest in a potter’s wheel if you want!

Use A Rewards System

Implement a rewards system that promotes creativity. Don’t use candy or money, and go for extra time playing games, reading books, working on a coloring book, etc. instead.

Be Reassuring About Failure

Avoid allowing “failure” to deter your children’s creative efforts. Stress that failure is a huge part of the creative process, and that countless renowned artists, musicians, inventors, performers, and more have seriously failed many times in their lives. Recount your own recent failures as well, and remind your children that it helps them learn from their mistakes and grow.

Encourage Ideas

Use dinnertime to encourage your children to come up with creative ideas. Ask them to come up with activities for the weekend, specifically things they’ve never done before. Dinner provides an ideal time for brainstorming, so feel free to come up with ideas yourself and see what your children do with them.

Give your kids the freedom to be creative and enjoy the results!

Have any other tips you’d like to share?