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Elastic Alphabets for Kids App Review

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All over the country at this very moment, kids are getting back to school and back to learning. If you have a preschooler who is just starting to learn their ABC’s or a Kindergartener who needs to brush up on their skills then Elastic Alphabets for Kids is one app you need to get! This app combines alphabet letters and sounds with fun and innovative animation to create an engaging and entertaining way for your children to learn their ABCs.

This app is simple to use but will delight both you and your child. Simply tap the play button and the letter A will appear. If your child swipes up, down, to the left or to the right the letter will transform into several different animations depending on the direction they swipe. Once you have seen all of the animations, tap the arrow button again and words that begin with that letter will appear with their own animations. This continues through all the letters of the alphabet. You can also change the settings so the app uses lowercase letters instead of uppercase letters.

This app is simple but very effective at teaching kids the ABCs. The animations are high-quality and silly. My Kindergartener was laughing out loud at some of the letters and was constantly calling me over to watch his newest favorite letter. Elastic Alphabets is the perfect way to get your children excited about learning their letters and begin to lay the foundation to start reading.

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