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Duck, Dog & Bear Go to Africa App Review

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“A duck, a dog and a bear are on an airplane…” sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s actually a fabulous eBook about the adventures of 3 brave friends. Duck, Dog & Bear Go to Africa is a beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written story about foreign countries and new friendships. It not only teaches about animals around the world, but how first impressions are not always correct.

Duck, Dog & Bear decide to get on a plane and go on an adventure across the world to Africa. They meet some new animals along the way that they aren’t so sure about. The elephant is huge and the giraffe is so tall! The animals are a little scared and don’t know whether to run away and hide or not. However, to their surprise, they find that the new animals are actually quite friendly and that they might have more in common than they originally thought!



This book is a wonderful opportunity for you to share a story with your child and teach them a little about friendship. This book has several opportunities for question and answer conversations between parent and child. It helps the child to really understand the story and develop valuable comprehension skills. The story also teaches a valuable lesson about friendship that all children should understand. Even though the animals in Africa are new and different and maybe a little scary, Dog, Duck & Bear realize that they can be friends with animals that are different than them.

This app is a must-have for any family with young children. While it is geared towards preschool-aged kids, I think it could be easily enjoyed by children who are a little older. The illustrations are bright and vibrant and very appealing to young children. I love how the illustrations come to life when you tap the red button and really draw you into the story. Also, with Read-Along and Read-To-Me options, pre-readers and early readers can benefit from the app. This is a beautiful story, and parents and children alike with fall in love with it!

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