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Dr. Panda Farm is a great new addition to the Dr. Panda app series.  With Dr. Panda Farm, kids can run their very own farm, along with Dr. Panda!  I thought that kids would really enjoy learning all about farming, including taking care of farm animals.

The Dr. Panda Farm app allows kids to learn about farm to table lifestyle.  Kids will learn where local food comes from, how to make bread from wheat, how to harvest vegetables and much more.  In addition to harvesting vegetables and learning about food, kids will also learn about taking care of farm animals.  Kids can feed the chickens, take care of the cows and even collect honey from the bees.

As kids grow and expand their farm, they can head over to the Farmer’s Market with their produce to sell to customers.  Happy customers will give kids the building tools they need to continue expanding their farm!  This app teaches real-life principles of growing a farm/business, great for kids to learn about and understand.

The app includes 6 fun farming activities to explore (harvesting, feeding animals, etc.).  There are also special items that can be earned and kids can unlock more ways to play as they progress through the app.  I like how the app unfolds as a growing farmyard for kids to explore and build.  The artwork features a unique “pop-up” inspired art style.  I thought the app was easy to play, kids can simply touch and tap to make interactions happen.

I really enjoyed the Dr. Panda Farm app.  I thought this app was a great addition to the Dr. Panda series.  My five year old son loves all the Dr. Panda apps, including this one!  I would definitely recommend checking this app out if you have a Dr. Panda fan in your household, and if you haven’t tried a Dr. Panda app yet, be sure to check this one out!

Dr. Panda Farm
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