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As a parent, I want to feel good about the “screen time” I give my kids each day. While I think that there is some value in allowing kids some down time each day, playing a few video games or watching videos just for the fun of it. However, when they can play video games and watch videos, have fun and learn something then I feel even better about the time they spend on an electronic device. Curious World is the ideal way for your preschooler to spend their screen time and for you to feel good about it!

Curious World offers your children three ways to enjoy the app: eBooks, short videos and educational games. First you need to set up a profile for your child, with the ability to create up to five profiles per family. The app is a free download with a complimentary 7 day subscription. However, once the free week is up, there are several subscription options that will fit your needs. The subscription unlocks hundreds of books, games and videos for your child to enjoy. Each eBook has “Read to Me” or “Read to Myself” options with professional narration. The videos are perfect for preschoolers as well! They are engaging and the perfect length so as to hold the child’s attention. The games are so much fun that even my older children were begging for turns to play. The best part about this app is that new content is added weekly. One additional feature that parents will love is the Parent Dashboard. Here, parents can monitor their child’s activity on the app and the “Learning Areas” where their activities are focused. It is an easy way for parent’s to see what areas their child is interested in.

I am not usually a fan of apps that require a monthly or annual subscription; however, Curious World is an app that I would definitely be willing to pay a subscription for. There is so much quality content in the app that you definitely get your money’s worth and then some! Your preschoolers will love every moment they spend on this app and you will feel good about every moment they spend on this app. It is a great way to add a little element of education into their lives especially during the summer.

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