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Welcome to Chortopia! A magical land where mythical creatures and real-life chores unite to create a unique system for getting your child to get their chores done! Whether they have to do yard work, vacuum the floors, or simply get ready for bed your child will be motivated to get it done so that they can play in Chortopia!

To start, tap on the Parent’s Section at the bottom of the screen and create up to 4 child profiles for your family. For each child, you enter their name and have the option of adding a picture to further customize each profile. Once each profile is created, you can choose the chores you want each child to complete. There are four categories that the chores are divided into: Behavior, Outside, Inside and Favorites. Within each category there are several chores to choose from and you can select up to three at a time per category. After you have selected three in a category, tap the “Create Advenchore” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, it is your child’s turn to play the app. Simply tap on the Enter button and find the green circle on the map. A story from the land of Chortopia is introduced to the child and in order to progress in the story, your child must complete three of their chores. When a chore is completed, they tap it to add a checkmark next to that chore. Once all three are done, they let you know and you go into the app and approve that the chores are actually done. Then they can go back into their Chortopia land to collect their reward. The rewards are character cards, similar to a Pokemon card, which they use in “battles” that they can play against the app. Then you can go in and assign a new set of chores!


This is an ingenious way for parents to motivate their kids to get their chores done! The things I loved most about this app is the variety of chores that you could select from everyday manners and behaviors to actual housework and yardwork. You can also create your own chores! I also love the storyline and the reward system that this app provides. I think that encouraging kids to earn their screen time and the privilege of playing a game by helping around the house. If I could choose anything that I don’t like about the app, it’s that you can only have 4 profiles in the app. For larger families, that could potentially be a problem.

After a week of having this app, I will tell you that my house and yard has never been so clean! My kids are so into playing this app that they wake up every morning and are excited to see what their chores are for the day. Then they ask for more! They love this app and I love how cooperative they are being! Only time will tell if the excitement lasts, which I hope it does, but in the meantime I am going to enjoy this app and all it has to offer my family.

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