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Review Summary:

Charlie & Company Volume II is a great app to present educational episodes and related music videos to preschool children. Kids will love the varied themes and will learn from each episode.

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Charlie & Company Videos II is designed to introduce preschool videos from developer School Zone. The free app includes one music video about colors as well as a preview video designed to introduce the series.

Features include:

  • High quality learning videos
  • Nurtures curiosity and encourages exploration
  • Positive, upbeat lyrics and music
  • Colorful, active, engaging videos
  • Intuitive navigation and controls


Charlie & Company Volume II is a high quality app that will allow young children to watch educational videos on their own or with a parent. The videos (available as in-app purchase) are well-produced and engaging. A sample music video (one minute fifty-two seconds in length) is included, as well as a video preview of the entire series. The app requires a stable internet connection to download videos, but can run downloaded material off-line.


The video episodes of Charlie & Company (available as an in-app purchase) are highly entertaining and educational. Each is clearly labeled with the skills and areas covered, making it a good investment for classroom or program use. The episode videos are of similar length to other children’s television series, just under thirty minutes. The videos cover a wide array of age-appropriate skills and use engaging topics such as the zoo and boats to convey educational messages.

Each video episode uses the same characters to guide children on a learning adventure based on the theme. Users can see and hear demonstrations and explanations, and feel like they are a part of the action. There is an on-going task of finding puzzle pieces to solve a mystery introduced early in each episode, and the videos have the feel of audience participation that will also help keep children’s interest. The themes are very child-friendly and interesting, and each episode is created with education in mind. There is a companion music video for each episode.


The Charlie & Company video episodes and music videos are highly engaging and entertaining. Developers and producers did an outstanding job of creating videos that preschool children will find nearly irresistible. The main character selections (a golden retriever named Charlie and a wholesome-looking preschool teacher named Miss Ellie, “your anywhere teacher”) are ideal for the age group, and the themes for each of the videos are guaranteed kid-pleasers. And what’s a kids’ show without a bit of magic? Charlie the dog has the capability of becoming animated, talking, and joining other animated friends. If your preschooler enjoys television shows aimed at preschoolers, he or she will fall in love with this series.


Charlie & Company Videos II is a free app that includes a preview of the series and a music video titled, “I Love to Paint” which is about painting and color. Additional episodes and music videos are available as in-app purchases. Single episodes of the show cost $2.99, or there is a bundle available that includes 5 episodes and 5 more music videos available for $19.99. The episode videos are just under thirty minutes long. With the bundle purchase, the app can provide positive, engaging video just like a television series. If your preschooler enjoys educational videos, these are a good value.

Child Friendliness

This app could be improved by putting the videos available for in-app purchase behind the parent gate and only showing purchased material where children can access it. As it stands, each additional piece of material is shown with an interesting still shot from the video that is designed to entice youngsters into wanting an adult to make the purchase.

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Charlie & Company Volume II is a great app to present educational episodes and related music videos to preschool children. Kids will love the varied themes and will learn from each episode.

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