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Bloom by Megalearn App Review

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Bloom by Megalearn is a fun app for kids who love nature.  With Bloom, kids can learn why trees produce delicious fruit and berries, and why dandelions release their seeds into the air.  I thought this app would be great for kids who are curious about nature and all its offerings.

The Bloom app features three different plants to explore.  I thought the graphics were beautiful, and the soundtrack was nice, too.  I thought that the app was easy for kids to use, and I like how there are no time limits, the app can be explored at your child’s pace.  Kids will learn all sorts of things about plant life, such as: three different dispersal strategies (for seeds), the anatomy of a plant, the names of some common plants, and the required conditions for plants to grow.  There is a quiz to test your child’s knowledge, too, if they are wanting to see how much they’ve learned.

If you are looking for a great new app for kids who love nature, be sure to check out Bloom!  I thought that this app was beautifully done.  I would recommend this one!

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