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Blimp Code is a computer programming puzzle that will challenge reading comprehension, memory, and logic skills as players follow along with tutorials and hints, and then attempt to solve the puzzles to save the world.

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Blimp Code presents computer coding and logic puzzles based on the backdrop of a futuristic story about saving the planet from ecological disaster. The app has 15 puzzles arranged in order of increasing difficulty, with helpful tutorials and hints to move players along and help them develop skills.

Features include:

  • Clear tutorials
  • Hints for players
  • Capability to save game progress
  • Settings to control background music and similar features


Blimp Code is a very high quality app that works reliably and without glitches. The tutorials provided prior to starting level one are accessible throughout the game, and are very clear and succinct. Optional hints are provided within each level, as well.


Blimp Code is a good tool for helping youth learn the basics of computer programming and develop logical thinking skills. Even if students are not planning a career in programming, learning about the logic of these languages promotes important thinking skills that can be useful in nearly every type of learning. In order to be successful at this game, players must attend to the tutorials and hints very carefully, then apply the information in the game. This exercises comprehension and memory skills, as well.


The app begins with a bit of a backstory about how mankind had polluted the world so badly that new creatures were engineered to clean the air. These hybrids between living things and computers got into trouble when sunspots disrupted their mechanisms, and the player’s job is to repair them and so save the world.

The premise is cute, and the puzzles seem more relevant with the backstory. Some players, though, especially younger ones, are likely to lose interest after a few levels. The complexity increases fairly sharply, so it may be challenging for some to be successful.


This app normally costs just under $3 in in the app store, which is very reasonably priced. If your child or teen enjoys computer programming or logic puzzles, then it will make a good addition to your collection. If your child is not into these things, or if he or she has never tried them, it might make more sense to find a programming game that is less expensive to be the first taste of the genre.

Child Friendliness

This app has an unprotected link to the internet leading to the developers’ website.

  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES unprotected link to the internet

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