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A unique flashcard and games platform makes Bitsboard PRO the ideal app for learning just about anything.

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Bitsboard PRO is one of those must-have app for teachers, parents, occupational therapists, and others who work with children and teens. This unique learning platform uses boards to help kids learn. Each board centers around a different topic and combines media and text to create a flashcard-style slideshow experience. Kids can then take each board and interact with it through a variety of games. Whether using pre-created boards or creating boards of your own, Bitsboard PRO helps you create an interactive and customized learning experience for kids and teens.

Features include:

  • Create your own boards
  • Join classes
  • Play games
  • Track progress
  • Customize the learning experience


At first glance, Bitsboard seems a bit busy. This is because the main page comes pre-loaded with suggested boards and classes. However, these can be turned off in the settings area so that kids only see the boards you want to them to see. The settings are also allows users to customize the learning experience. This includes everything from the font and contrast in the app to the success sounds kids hear and the specific number of rounds in each game. The settings icon also takes users to the portion of the app where they can create or upload new boards, share boards with other users, and get help using the app. The settings section is extensive, but that’s only because the app has so much to offer. Kids, however, will see a much more streamlined portion of the app with classes and boards clearly labeled on the home screen and games to interact with the boards clearly labeled with both the title and a descriptive image.


One of the highlights of Bitsboard is the ability to customize the learning experience. Users can choose the boards they want to interact with or even create boards of their own. The games can also be customized to help them fit kids’ needs. For example, the Photo Touch game can feature images only, text only, or descriptions only.

In addition to offering a customizable learning experience, the app incorporates games and activities designed to help kids learn. Kids can learn keywords and information about virtually any subject with the flashcard-style boards and related activities. Its format is ideal for review of vocabulary words and key concepts, but it also works well for tasks such as letter and number recognition or solving basic addition and subtraction problems. One area where Bitsboard is particularly is with content for kids with special need. The format is ideal for creating social stories and other activities to help children learn how to express themselves verbally and emotionally. You can even customize the sounds on many of the pre-created boards so kids’ can hear the voices and pronunciations they are accustomed to.


There are over 30 different ways kids can interact with each board. These range from simple flashcards to word search puzzles and memory games. That means kids could review each board a different way every day of the month if they wanted to. Users also have the ability to add or remove games, so if kids don’t enjoy a particular type of game, it won’t even appear on their menu of choices when they go to review a board. The game also offers positive reinforcement as kids complete the games and activities. Users can customize the success sounds kids hear to help make the app more enjoyable for them.


Given all that the app has to offer and the way it allows users to organize content, it is priced competitively. You could use a variety of free online programs to create content similar to Bitsboard, but the content wouldn’t be nicely organized and it’d be hard for kids to maximize the effectiveness of the resources. With this app, it’s all contained in one place, it’s easy to use, and you can track kids’ progress as they use it.

Child Friendliness

Adults should not that Bitsboard PRO does offer a child lock, but it must be turned on in the settings area. There are two options for a child lock – a traditional child lock that has users enter a string of three numbers or a password option that allows users to set a simple passcode to access content that is not designed for children. Turning on the child lock restricts access to the settings and search area, so kids are focused solely on the boards and classes that they have been given access to.

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A unique flashcard and games platform makes Bitsboard PRO the ideal app for learning just about anything.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars