Best Free Websites to Learn Anything and Everything


The internet is a wonderland of information, if you only know where to look. If you’re serious about learning a new skill or pursuing a new hobby, check out our big list of websites where you can learn almost anything.

DIY Home Improvement

  • DIYNetwork: Whether you want to upgrade the inside or outside of your home or fix what’s broken, the DIYNetwork has free tutorials to help you get it done.
  • Your home improvement headquarters, where you can learn everything from landscaping techniques to installing doors to fixing your appliances.
  • The place to grab home improvement and repair tips and tutorials for everything in your house.


  •     CNN Money Essentials: Free tutorials on everything from investing to buying a home to planning for retirement.
  • Has a personal finance section that will help you learn to create a family budget, deal with taxes, save on purchases and invest with confidence.
  • Aimed at children, this tutorial website teaches kids about budgeting, investing and planning for the future.

Foreign Language

  •     Duolingo: A fun, addictive way to learn a wide variety of languages. Duolingo is a available online or as a free app download.
  •     Open Culture: Has links to hundreds of websites where you can learn to speak Spanish, German, English, French or Italian.
  •     Memrise: Offers basic and advanced foreign language courses. Learn online through their website or via free app.


  • Read about the people who shaped history.
  •     Digital History: A fun website where you can study various eras throughout history, learn more about specific events and take a virtual tour of well-known historical landmarks.
  • From the makers of the History TV channel comes this website where you can watch free documentaries, movies and shows about historical events, plus read feature articles and fun facts about all the past.


  • From basic math to pre-Algebra to Calculus and advanced topics, you can study it all here at no charge.
  •     MathCracker: Offers a huge assortment of free math help and resources for students of all levels.
  •     Open Education Database: Has links to more than 400 free online math classes where you can enroll at no charge.


  •     NASA: Free videos, podcasts, articles and photos of stars, planets and more.
  •     Physics Central: Learn how the world works and see physics in action with this intelligent, fun website.
  •     Scitable: Fantastic resource to learn about genetics, evolution and environmental issues.


  •     Code Academy: Learn to code in a wide variety of languages interactively.
  •     Microsoft Virtual Academy: Free courses in game development, web development, database development, C#, HTML5 and so much more.
  • Will teach you how to build a website, conquer databases and understand basic programming.

The Big List of Extras

The following websites teach a variety of subjects, all free of charge:

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