Awesome School Apps – Five Best Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Here is a reviewed and recommended list of apps that you will find helpful for students with learning challenges.

There are apps to help with reading and writing, apps to uncover behavior management preferences for nonverbal students, and a few apps that will help you if you have a student dealing with autism.

Tints: Dyslexia-Friendly Reading

Tints: Dyslexia Friendly Reading offers a selection of books (as in-app purchases) for readers ages eight to younger teen. The app provides a selection of colored backgrounds and a “reading ruler” designed to make reading easier for some individuals with dyslexia.

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ABA Preference

ABA Preference provides an organized and reliable system for discovering rewards and reinforcers that are preferred by students or clients with disabilities. It does not require language skills, and only minimal motor control, and can be used with nearly any individual.

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Autism Core Skills

Autism Core Skills is a comprehensive academic and social skills practice system designed for students with autism. The app employs best educational practices to provide scaffolded learning experiences in math, reading and social skills for autistic students of any age working on preschool through first grade level skills.

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EDNA is a simple and useful mind-mapping app that will help students organize their thoughts with a graphic organizer, then convert them into a traditional outline useful for making the transition to a written piece.

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The Pronoun Party

The Pronoun Party offers basic practice with identifying male/female and plural pronouns in subjective, objective and possessive cases. The app includes four levels of difficulty and each level can be played on four different themes, which vary the scenery and the props that children can “give” to the person referred to in the sentence.

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Autism Discovery Tool

Autism Discovery Tool offers explanation and simulations of some of the sensory differences that may be experienced by individuals with autism or sensory processing differences. The app provides tips for working with individuals with autism and for making them more comfortable, as well.

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