Best Apps for Back to School – 7th Grade

Seventh grade is a time when kids have to step up their learning. The tasks get tougher as they head into more abstract concepts, and many are beginning to plan for high school and college success. These recommended apps will help your student learn and grow with the best.

Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun

Math Galaxy Word Problems FunMath Galaxy Word Problems Fun is a maze-based app that encourages students to practice math story problems ranging from basic computation with small whole numbers through middle school/pre-algebra concepts such as ratio/proportion, signed numbers, geometry and graphs/tables. Players send remote-controlled robots into a maze to find treasures and must solve word problems to proceed at certain points.

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Quick Fractions

Math Galaxy Word Problems FunQuick Fractions offers four levels of practice with each of seven basic fractions skills, including conversion, inequalities, and all four operations. Problems also include comparisons and conversions among improper fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and percents.

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Monkey Party Learn Algebra

Monkey Party Learn Algebra presents basic pre-algebraic and early algebraic concepts in a visual, hands-on fashion to help students learn about balancing equations, working with variables, and combining like terms. The app presents problems involving various types of fruits with different weights and offers water barrels to balance them on a pair of leaves like a see-saw. This teaching portion of the app gives very clear directions and guidance to solve the problems. This section covers negative numbers and combining like terms as well. The application section has users multiply recipes using the fruits from the other section and figure out how many fruits are needed for a specific number of party guests. This section includes some work with fractions and demonstrates how to graph the simple equations created.

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Civil War Interactive

American Civil War Interactive Civil War Interactive is a multimedia resource about the American Civil War. With hundreds of photos, paintings, recordings, and videos, it offers a museum-quality experience in your own home.

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SAT Vocab-MindSnacks

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks is an entertaining way to increase your vocabulary whether studying for SATs or just for fun.

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