Best Apps for Back to School – 1st Grade

A little bit of science, a small bit of social studies, some reading and some math round out the suggestions for first graders this year.

Take a look at these apps.

Malama Honua My Voyage

My VoyageThe My Voyage app will take users on an elaborate adventure through documentary-like videos, games, and more as the main characters explore Hawaiian and Polynesian history and culture. The main characters learn history and ancient skills like weaving and boat-making of the Polynesian people who later settled in Hawaii. In the process, they also discover solid traditional values like caring for the earth and respecting elders.

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Patchmania KIDSCalvin the Bunny and his furry friends are minding their own business when Farmer Lester destroys their forest home to create his farm fields. The little animals eat their way through the farmer’s crops by munching mazes of carrots, lettuce, mushrooms and more. Each puzzle presents a maze for players to solve to move the animals to their burrows by eating the vegetables in their proper order.

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Read-Kids Learn to Read and Write in 20 Easy Lessons

Read- Kids Learn to Read and Write in 20 Lessons is a comprehensive phonics and sight words activity suitable for young children. It pairs letters and letter pairs with the phonemes (sounds) of the English language and has users practice by identifying letters that make the sounds, spelling simple words, tracing and writing the letters, and reading simple controlled-vocabulary stories.

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Ready, Jet, Go! Space Explorer

Ready Jet Go! Space ExplorerReady, Jet, Go! Space Explorer from PBS Kids will allow children and parents to explore the night sky with interactive activities, fun facts, and games. The app includes information about planets, constellations, and more.

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Up to 100

Up To 100 helps children learn to recognize and form numbers between 1 and 99. It also helps children understand ones and tens place value and the relationship of digits to the number. It’s very hands-on and offers a lot of different concrete experiences with numbers.

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