Become A Better Mom Today! 5-Second Fixes Your Kids Will Love

Help yourself be the best mom possible with little “fixes” that show your kids how much you love and cherish them. Little moments go a long way in the life of a child, and they will undoubtedly remember those times that you made them feel better, regardless of cause. Take a look at some of the simple ways to be a great mom today!

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Start A Tickle Fight

Is one of your children feeling blue for whatever reason? Start a tickle fight, and be sure to get your partner and other children involved if possible!

Give Compliments

Tell your child “I like the way you did/handled that,” whether the kid resolved a conflict peacefully, shared a toy with a younger brother or sister, included a bullied classmate in a game, did well on a report card, etc. Let your child know he or she did well, because it means a lot.

Make Up A Secret Handshake

Make up a secret handshake with each of your children. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, just something especially for the two of you. Such things are excellent ways to make children feel great and special.

Take A Deep Breath Together

Take a deep breath with your child to not only calm the kiddie down, but to teach the power of breathing exercises. Just one deep breath is enough to send positive, calming vibes through the body. Keep breathing deeply together until the child feels better.

Hug Your Child

Hug your children whenever they want them, when they’re feeling bad, or any other time you want to show love. Physical affection is an essential demonstration of love that instantly soothes your children and helps them feel like everything will be ok.

These are just some ways to be a better mom today! Have fun!