Back To School Organizing Help

It’s that time of year again: the younglings are returning to school. Before the book learnin’ and the related craziness begins, do yourself a solid and perform a few organizational tasks. You will be grateful you made this decision, as once the school year starts it’s not long before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Use the following tips to help keep you sane this school year:

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Start With The Kids’ Rooms

Begin with organizing the kids’ rooms. Work with them to sort things they have outgrown or do not use anymore, and be sure to collect any trash that is piling up. Add shelving and other storage units as needed. Label clear bins so everyone knows where everything is, such as “Barbie Accessories & Clothes,” “LEGOS,” “Action Figures,” etc. Don’t forget about the closets, either…unless you like being hit with a clothes-and-toy avalanche every time you open closet doors.

Use Chalkboard Paint

Designate a wall for notes and shopping lists, and paint it with chalkboard paint. If you do not want to go that far, use a plain ‘ol chalkboard, and frame it if you like. This makes it easy to keep up with who needs what, any school supplies you have not purchased yet, what after-school activities are happening that day, and much more.

Implement A Family Wall Drop Station

Forget dealing with scattered papers and backpacks all over your house. Dedicate a wall as a “drop station” instead! Hang small bulletin boards with the kids’ names on them, and place hooks underneath each board for backpacks. This makes keeping backpacks, important papers, and to-do lists in one place easy, which means many less headaches for you.

Try Clothespins

Consider using clothespins with certain words stamped on them to keep track of your kids’ homework and other paperwork. Some clips say “To Do Now” while others say “Later” and “Done!” This is another fantastic way to save yourself a lot of stress and know what needs to be done today and what requires finishing later in the week.

Make the school year easier on yourself! Use the above ideas to enjoy a much more streamlined year. Have fun!