Free App Friday – April 8, 2016: Calling All Scientists!

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will keep your kids engaged as they explore science and history. Starting us off is 5 Seconds, which is a great game that will test observation skills. Piiig Labs , Science360, and GoSkyWatch will get your kids excited about science, while This Day in History will get them excited about events of the past.

5 Seconds!

Put your observation skills to the test with this app. Watch a 5-second video and then see if you can guess the six words that describe it. This app can be played without internet and is available in multiple languages. Great app if you like crosswords and word search games.

Piiig Labs

Piiig Labs is a creative app for little ones with a special interest in science experiments that allows children to learn as they complete various projects. Read our full review here.

Science360 for iPad

This app created by the National Science Foundation provides high-quality science and engineering  images and videos from around the globe. There is a news feed to keep you up to date on what is happening in the science field.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad

This app let’s you easily identify plants, stars, constellations, and more. Simply point the camera at the sky and start exploring. This app is perfect for kids learning about the solar system or adults who have a passion for astronomy. This app has been designed to be easy to use.  You wont need to touch the screen for information. Text is kept minimal so it doensn’t take up the screen. Search for stars, planets, and constellations. This app as a lot of information plus free updates.

World Book – This Day In History for iPad

Are you a history buff? Would you like to become one? In just minutes a day this app will gives you history facts that happened that day in the past. Each event has at least one picture. Some events will have national anthems, presidental speeches, as well as sound clips from famous artists. You will be surprised by the little known facts that will be revealed. This is a great way to get kids excited about history.