Free App Friday – April 29, 2016: Create and Explore

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire to explore space and build cool trucks. We also have apps that will introduce math and science concepts while your child learns about yummy fruit and drives down the country road to the big city.

Words Jumble!!!

Words Jumble!!! is an app anyone can use to practice their spelling skills. From 4-letter words to 15-letter words, there is a challenging level for everyone. 1000s of words to practice plus quizzes will help increase your spelling ability. Great for parents, teachers, students, or anyone who wants to spell better.

Fruitland Healthy Eating and Counting Numbers

Get kids excited about fruit with this app. Fruitland Healthy Eating and Counting Numbers introduces healthy fruit to kids so they can get excited about eating fruit. They will also learn about counting, numbers, colors ,and shapes. Some of the tasks they perform in this app include hidden objects, interactive puzzles, lunchbox preparation, celebrating different occasions, making juices, plus many more. Cute voices and fun animations will entertain your kids for hours.


CarTally introduces basic math and science concepts to children age 4-8. They start will sort cars by color and answer questions by what they observe. If your child can’t read yet, they can tap the signs to have the questions read aloud. The game becomes more difficult as they progress towards the big city.

Truck Builder

Kids will get the chance to build 18 different kinds of cars that they will get to drive. There are 3 different roadway experiences from the U.S. midwest that they can discover, including highways, caves, and more. Truck Builder has no agenda so your kids will be free to take their time as they build their vehicle and drive when they are ready.

Moon Explorer

Get ready for a trip to the moon. Your little astronaut will take off in their spaceship for a once in a lifetime trip to the moon. As the astronaut, they will solve challenging problems to continue their mission and plant their flag on the moon. A great role-playing adventure for every child.