9 Potty Training Tips From Real Moms

Preparing to deal with potty training? Help yourself through it by taking advice from other moms. Potty training is arguably one of the more challenging aspects of early child care, but with a little help from moms who have already been through it, you’ll be in good shape.

Check out a few very helpful tips:

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Signs of Readiness

Look for the telltale signs indicating your child is ready for potty training. Such signs include clutching at the diaper, taking the diaper off, waking up dry, and “holding it” for long periods of time.

Sticker Chart

Use a sticker chart so your little ‘un can track their potty progress! Stickers may be used to designate using the toilet, flushing the toilet, wiping, and washing hands. You may also use other rewards if you find they work better, such as time with a favorite toy.

Big Kid Undies

Forgo the diapers and allow your child to pick out “big kid” underwear to wear around the house. If you use cloth diapers, tell your child you’re sending them to the diaper fairy, who will give them to babies in need!

Positive Reinforcement

Provide praise and other positive reinforcement when your child uses the potty or attempts to go. Make the child feel very proud via hugs and your undivided attention.


Take a break from potty training if your little shaver isn’t quite getting it. Revisit the concept in a few weeks, as it’s totally normal for potty training to take longer in some children than others. You may also want to try cloth trainers and pull-ups during this time.


Read with your child when he or she is on the potty to help foster a sense of relaxation and make the process more enjoyable. Also try reading potty training books, which will expose your child to pictures of how the process goes.


Make flushing a fun reward that occurs only when the child goes potty. This also helps make the little one less afraid of flushing.


Be calm and patient about potty training. There’s going to be accidents, which is totally normal. Stay calm no matter what to help your child understand going potty is a normal function. Never force training as it will only upset and frustrate the child.


Make going potty a routine, such as first thing in the morning, before and after naps, and before and after meals.

Know of any other great potty training tips?