9 Outstanding Home Organization Tips

Maintaining an organized home doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. There’s plenty of little hacks and tricks that make keeping a clutter-free house very possible! Check out the following tips and enjoy a much more organized household that doesn’t include daily complaints about where your keys are:

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Drawer Organizers

Avoid mystery drawers full of who-knows-what by making excellent use of drawer organizers. This sidesteps excess clutter and too-full drawers you can’t get open or closed ever again.

Central Key Location

Create a central location for everyone’s keys, preferably by the front door. Use a basket or other applicable container and enjoy not having to walk through your house picking up everyone’s keys.

Velcro Ties

Keep cords organized and neat-looking through velcro or zip ties. This makes knowing which cord is which very easy and looks a heck of a lot better than a mass of cords behind the television or entertainment unit.

Mail Solution

Solve the “mail pile” problem by implementing a “one touch” rule. The person who picks up the mail has to take it if it belongs to him or her or otherwise put it in its final destination, which may be the recycling bin. This avoids stacks of useless mail that simply look terrible.

Phone Station

Make a station for all phones and their corresponding accessories, such as chargers, ear buds, etc. This means no one in your house will whine “Where’s my phooonnnnee??” which gets old…fast.

Nightstand Rule

Create a nightstand rule that allows only a clock, a lamp, perhaps a picture or two, etc on this table. You’ll never have to wake up and look at a cluttered nightstand again, which isn’t exactly the most fun way to begin your day.

Under Beds

Take advantage of the space underneath all the beds in the house by using them for storage. There’s plenty of covered storage bins that work perfectly, some of which include wheels for even easier access. Use the space under beds for seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, and anything else you don’t need on a regular basis.


Designate a special area of your fridge just for leftovers. That makes it easy for everyone to know what needs eating first and prevents odorous containers that somehow made it to the very back of the refrigerator.

Wall-Mounted Shelves
Add a few wall-mounted shelves to your home where applicable, such as the kitchen or den, to keep shelving off the floor as much as possible.