5 Lifesaving Tips For New Parents

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It’s not unusual for new parents to feel overwhelmed at times or like they’re not doing as well as they should. Rather than continuing to beat yourself up, put a few excellent tips and tricks into practice and enjoy feeling like “you’ve got this.” Check out the following and breathe deeply:

Your Baby’s Cries

If your baby is crying, it’s because he or she is trying to tell you something! Crying is a baby’s main form of communication, so if they’re fussy or won’t stop wailing it’s because of hunger, exhaustion, illness/discomfort, or simply because they want attention or need their diaper changed. Needing to burp is also a reason for tears. The more time you spend with your baby the easier it will be to tell when a cry means hunger, naptime, because he or she is not feeling well, etc. Pay attention and you’ll be an expert interpreter soon.

Baby Monitor

The baby monitor has never gone away. Why? Because the convenient device lets you know when your baby is awake, crying, etc. Some versions will even let you know if your baby stops breathing, which by itself is reason enough to purchase one.


Want a little scheduling and tracking help? The Baby Connect app is a great resource. It allows you to keep excellent track of baby’s feedings, sleep habits, and even his or her bowel movements. Use this tool to make life as a new parent a bit easier.


Having trouble putting baby down for the night? Consider using a swaddle, as it’s a godsend for many parents. Swaddles calm babies down pronto, and give you what you want and need…full nights of rest.


The support of your partner is invaluable when you’re a new parent, as there’s two sets of eyes, arms, and ears instead of one. If you’re a single parent, look into community support groups or enlist the help of nearby family members who loooove babies.

Personal Time

Taking time for you is also necessary when you’re a new parent…you’ll go crazy otherwise! Remember that you’re important too, so do whatever you need to relax. Take a bath, go for a walk, watch your favorite show, read a few chapters of your book. You’ll be more focused and clear when in parenting mode if you remember to take care of yourself.

What are your favorite lifesaving tips for new parents?