6 Laundry Tips That Make The Process MUCH Easier

Laundry. It multiplies when you aren’t looking, doesn’t it? Keeping up with laundry is one of the best ways to avoid mountainous piles of dirty clothes…and wondering where the heck the cat went.

If your laundry game is a bit off, help is here. Check out a few laundry tips that make life as a busy mom a little easier:


Mesh Laundry Bag

Purchase a mesh laundry bag and use it to wash socks. Throw everyone’s socks in there and never, ever worry about losing the mates ever again. If your dryer always seems to “eat” sock mates, kiss that problem goodbye with the mesh bag.

Empty Hamper?

Let the dream of an empty hamper die. There’s always going to be dirty clothes, so trying to keep the hamper empty is pretty much a thankless task. And that’s okay. Just keep up and do the best you can!


Create a laundry schedule that works for you. Is it conducive to do laundry on weeknights? Save everything for Sunday, or the middle of the day on Saturday? Think about when it’s most optimal to do laundry and go from there. And if the laundry has been seriously piling up, give yourself a “catch up” day before you begin your new routine.


Stop folding clothes, especially if it’s your least favorite part of laundry. It’s very possible to seriously lessen if not eliminate the amount of folding you do by using bins for items such as socks and underwear, and taking full advantage of closet space. If something can be hung, hang it.

A Little Fun

Make the process a little more fun–whether transferring laundry from one appliance to another or performing the dreaded task of folding–by listening to music, turning on a favorite TV show, or even calling a friend or family member and talking over speaker phone. Do what you need to make the process a little more enjoyable, as it will definitely pay off!


Enlist help by having the kids help you sort clean laundry. When they get old enough, have them do their own laundry, or at least some of it! It will make a huge difference in regards to time and also teach them how to operate a washer and dryer before they head off to college.

Put these tips into practice and see if doing laundry isn’t a whole lot easier!

What are your favorite laundry hacks? Share them in the comments section!