7 More Parenting Hacks

Since there’s no such thing as too many parenting hacks, use the following to help you navigate the strange and wonderful world of parenthood. There’s tons of little tips and tricks that make life as a parent easier!

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Ice Cream Assistance

Do your little ‘uns get ice cream all over the darn place whenever they enjoy the cold treat? Solve this problem permanently with paper plates. Simple stick a pointy ice cream cone through the middle of the plate so it acts as a solid “net” that catches drips.

Baking Soda Splinter Solution

Splinters are amazingly painful, and may be a common problem for your younglings. Help them avoid excess splinter pain and trauma by making a paste with baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the splinter and wait a few minutes. The splinter should emerge from skin on its own.

Phone Number Bracelet

It’s natural to worry about your children whenever they’re out of your sight. Help yourself breathe a little easier by making bracelets for them that feature your cell phone number. Simply use a bunch of colorful, kid-friendly beads as well as number beads to make the bracelet. Find bracelet twine or anything else that’s sturdy and stays on little wrists.

Hot Seatbelt Buckle Solution

Hot seatbelt buckles on scorching days are enough to seriously burn your children’s flesh. Never deal with this problem again by keeping a spray bottle filled with water in your vehicle during summer months. Simply spray the buckles and let evaporation works its magic to cool them.

Rug Grip Help

Do your kids constantly cause the rugs in your home to slide every which way? Deal with this issue by gluing Velcro to the underside of rug corners as well as the floor surface. (Avoid doing so on hardwood floors–it will just make a mess). The Velcro keeps the rugs in place no matter how many times your children slide across them.

Cupcake Cones

Cupcakes are a favorite dessert for children, yet eating them gets messy…quickly. Avoid cupcake-related messes by baking the sweet treat directly into ice cream cones. They’re easier for kids to eat and much more fun!

Pizza Box Plates

Pizza night in your home can include much less cleanup when you use the box as plates. Divide the box into plates with a box cutter or other sharp knife.
Have any other favorite parenting hacks to share?