7 Diaper Bag Hacks You Need To Know About

Make parenting a little easier by getting the diaper bag situation down pat. There’s numerous diaper bag hacks out there, all of which are designed to get you out the door that much sooner. Check out a mere few and breathe a sigh of relief:

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The Bag

In terms of the bag itself, make sure you find one that’s washable. Once you see how dirty diaper bags can get, you’ll be happy yours is washer-friendly. A bag with a few pockets is also nice, though too many pockets is often more trouble than it’s worth. Other bag features to look for is the ability to stand on its own, lack of noisy velcro, and multiple carry options.


Packing your diaper bag with what you need depends on how long you’ll be gone. Will you be gone for an hour? Two? Three? Pack as many diapers as you’ll think you’ll need–one per hour is best–as well as burp blankets, etc.

Bag Size

If you aren’t going to be gone that long you don’t need a huge bag, throw a few essentials in and get on with it. You might want to invest in a smaller, short-trip diaper bag in addition to a larger bag for longer hauls. Regardless, it’s a good idea to pack a spare outfit, such as a romper, in case of accidents. Dealing with an accident without a spare set of clothes is hardly a good time.

Baby Sling

Other packing tips include bringing a baby sling wherever you go. It rolls up easily and works as a nursing shawl, blanket, napkin, etc.

Mom Pouch

Maintaining a ‘mom pouch’ within your diaper bag is an excellent idea. Fill the pouch with makeup, a stain stick, lotion, bandaids, wallet, phone, and any other essentials.

Toys And Snacks

Saving room in your diaper bag for a few toys and snacks is also highly recommended, as you can pull them out at a moment’s notice whenever your youngling is hungry or requires distraction. If you don’t want to carry around more expensive favorite toys, look for their dollar store counterparts to avoid freaking out if they get lost or broken.

Mini Items

Keeping mini versions of necessary products in your diaper bag, such as diaper cream and baby wipes, is yet another great idea. This saves you from having to pack the stuff each and every time you leave your house….it also saves you from lugging around a crazy-heavy diaper bag.