6 Ways To Distract A Toddler

Toddlers get into anything and everything when left unsupervised, even if for a few seconds or minutes. Deal with this effectively by finding new and inventive ways to distract your toddler at any given interval. It’s possible to survive ‘toddler time,’ or when these new humans have learned to walk and are curious about the world around them. Review the following distraction tips and enjoy this short time with your youngling:

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Make ‘Busy Bags’

Make a ‘busy bag’ for your toddler! Such bags are filled with pre-made, simple activities designed to distract your toddler within seconds. The bag can also feature a plush toy or two for the toddler to cuddle with. Dollar store versions of favorite toys work too.

Create Snack Bags

Create a pre-made snack bag to complement your busy bag. Toddlers are all about snacks, and will happily focus on the food in front of when while you’re going about your business, whatever that might be. The internet abounds with cute and fun snack ideas for little ‘uns, so do a Google search and take your pick.

Make Messes…No, Really

Give your toddler something to “make a mess with” that’s easy to clean up and allows you to finish what you’re working on. Shaving cream is one option, but if your toddler has a tendency to stick things in her mouth, opt for edible finger paint. You’ll have at least five minutes of toddler-free time, if not more.

Provide Imagination-Sparking Toys

Provide toys that contribute to your toddler’s imagination, such as the classic building blocks, chunky puzzles, play food, toy trains, etc. These and other toys help your child grow up with a wonderful imagination.

Use Washable Paints

Give your child the opportunity to quite literally write on the wall (okay, doodle) with washable paints, markers, etc. Crayon is easily removed with magic erasers, as are pencil marks. If you’re worried about your child writing on walls with non-washable tools, make sure such tools are always out of reach. Always.

Play Music

Instill a love of music in your toddler by finding a kiddie-friendly radio or Pandora station and allowing the child to dance like no one’s watching. Get in on the dancing fun every once in awhile–your toddler will love it, and you’ll get more exercise!
What do you think of the above ideas? Have they inspired any ideas of your own? Feel free to share them!