6 iPhone 6 Tricks

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Interested in becoming the master of your iPhone 6? There’s plenty of tips and shortcuts that make mastering the device a short rather than painfully-long process. Check out a mere few of these tips and see if they don’t make a huge difference:

One-Handed Fun

Make it possible to use your iPhone 6 with one hand by double-tapping on the Home button to use Reachability. Lightly tap instead of pressing to drop the phone’s screen down so you can easily reach the upper corners without using two hands.

Slow-Motion Video Fun

Capture super-slow-motion videos on your iPhone 6 by opening the camera app, sliding until you see slow motion, then ensuring the 240 FPS is located on the upper right section of the device. Record videos as you normally would and have fun seeing how nifty they turn out.

iPhone 6 Plus Landscape Fun

Enjoy landscape mode if you own an iPhone 6 Plus, as the smartphone supports a landscape keyboard, layouts for assorted apps, and home screen landscape options. Turning on the iPhone 6 Plus allows for apps to adjust to landscape view, and when you open an app such as Calendar or Mail in landscape, you’ll see more information on the screen. This makes the device quite similar to the iPad.

Touch ID Fun

Use Touch ID to not only unlock your iPhone 6 Plus, but to make iTunes purchases among other things. Installing an app such as iPassword or LastPass makes it possible to use Safari extensions to log into websites you’re browsing with one of the aforementioned apps. You’re subsequently creating safe passwords that are secure and much easier to implement.

Battery Power Fun

Make sure your battery isn’t being drained unnecessarily by going into Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage to determine if one or more apps are sucking your battery’s power. Refrain from using the apps or uninstall them to give your battery more juice. If you need to reset all settings because what you’re currently doing isn’t working, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings to rectify the issue. If this doesn’t work, you may have a faulty device that requires professional assistance.

Vibration Alert Fun

Change your phone’s vibration alert system if desired, as vibration alerts on the iPhone 6 Plus are very, very loud. Go to Settings -> Sounds -> Tap on Ringtone -> Vibration -> Create New Vibration -> Tap out to make adjustments.

These are only some of the many tips and tricks concerning the iPhone 6! Have any other tips to share?