5 Tips For Dealing With A Crying Baby

Babies cry for a reason! There’s no such thing as a baby crying just to “annoy” you–it’s a baby, after all! Crying is one of the main ways a baby communicates with you, so if the child is crying, you can be sure there’s an very good reason. Use the following tips to calm and soothe the little ‘un…and your eardrums.

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Determine If Baby Is Hungry/Tired/Needs A Diaper Change

Figure out if your baby is hungry, tired, or really needs a diaper change. These are the top three reasons an infant is crying. Tired, fussy babies wail, as do those who are starving or uncomfortable because of a messy diaper. Check the diaper, see if the youngling is hungry, or put the baby down for a nap. You’ll love the resulting peace!

Check Baby’s Clothes

Dress your baby based on the weather. This may seem obvious, but an over or underdressed baby is probably going to tell you so…by crying. See if your little angel is sweaty or chilly, and make the appropriate changes to stop the “Waaaahhhh!!!”

Give Baby A Pacifier

Provide your baby with a pacifier if said baby is fed/well-rested/freshly-diapered. Pacifiers are not recommended past a certain age because they can interfere with tooth development, however they still provide useful calming tools for infants.

Swaddle Baby

Swaddle your baby in a blanket to help her relax. Swaddling is an effective crying remedy for infants, as is lying the child on her side.

Swing And Shush Baby

Swing your baby gently in her cradle to soothe her to sleep. Make shushing noises as well to further promote calm feelings.

You might also want to try rubbing your baby’s tummy in a gentle clockwise motion to move trapped intestinal gas upwards–trapped gas is another reason for tears!