5 Things Every Dad Should Tell His Daughter

A girl’s relationship with her dad is just as important as her relationship with her mom! Dad is the first man in any girl’s life, and provides the foundation for how she’ll expect men to treat her for the rest of her existence. Be a good example for your daughter, and remember to tell her a few very important things. Some of the following sayings are quite basic, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

Check out what she needs to hear from you:

“I Love You”

Pretty simple, right? Tell your daughter how much you love her, and don’t save the “I love yous” for when she gets an A on a test or scores the winning goal on the soccer field. Let her know she is loved regardless of her academic/athletic/etc. performance…in other words, your parental love is not conditional!

“You Are Wonderful”

Saying this or any variation cannot be stressed enough, as it demonstrates that you value her as a fellow human being. Help her sense of self-esteem by telling her on a frequent basis why she rocks, and why you’re proud of her.

“I’m Here For You”

Letting her know you’re there for her, whatever the situation, is another way to foster healthy self-esteem in your daughter. Tell her you’re there to help her when she falls–literally and figuratively–and that this includes your unwavering protection.

“I Respect You”

If your daughter doesn’t feel respected by you, how do you think she’ll fare around other men? Emphasize that you respect who she is and what choices she makes so she demands the same from the world. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of guys who prey on girls with little to no self-respect, so make sure your daughter isn’t one of them.

“You Are Beautiful”

While her looks are hardly the only thing to stress to her, it’s still important to let her know she’s beautiful, inside and out. Again, there’s many guys who will tell her she’s beautiful for the wrong reasons, which basically amounts to cheap flattery as a means to an end. There’s also plenty of societal pressures she’ll endure regarding her appearance, so be the force for good in her life and tell her she’s beautiful without the strings attached.

What are some of the other things you think a dad should tell his daughter? Share your ideas in the comments section!