5 Fantastic Paper Craft Ideas For Kids

Paper crafts are a fun way for kids to spend a rainy afternoon, and help encourage recycling and reusing. Review the following most-excellent paper craft ideas that will keep your children busy for hours and allow you some much-needed rest time:

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Toilet Roll Animals

Toilet paper rolls offer plenty of paper craft ideas, including animal crafts. Use the object as the ‘body,’ and stick to cardstock or felt for the head and limbs, though quality construction paper will also work. Try collecting a bunch of rolls to make an “animal kingdom” full of lions, tigers, and bears, or go the “domestic” route with cat, dog, and farm animal crafts. Attach the head and limbs to the rolls using hot glue for best results.

Animal Ears

Animal ear crafts are simple, fun crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Bunny ears are always a good option, and require cutting a piece of construction paper to fit like a crown. The ears should jut out above the crown. It’s best that you do the cutting–for this and all other paper crafts involving small children for obvious reasons. However, your little ‘un can easily color the ears and add any desired embellishments such as faux jewels and beads, just make certain he or she doesn’t eat the glue.

Paper House

Your children will have a great time making paper houses for their smaller dolls and action figures. Think of a diorama-type shape for best results. Have your kids decorate their houses before gluing them to pieces of cardboard or shoebox lids.

“Tube Town”

This fun idea comes from Parents.com and again makes great use of toilet paper rolls. Instruct your children to paint the rolls as the exterior of various houses, and to make the “houses” as colorful as they want. Fold small pieces of scrapbook paper in half to make the roofs for each house, and don’t forget to make cuts in the bottom of the “houses” before painting them. Small beads work as house doors. Your children can make as many houses as they want to create a tiny village for their toys.


Pinwheel crafts are a bit more challenging, but definitely worth it. Check out a few tutorials on pinwheels if you’re stuck, and consider creating “themes” with your kids, such as seasonal themes. A spring pinwheel, for example, is a fun craft for welcoming the season!

Feel free to share more craft ideas in the comments section!