5 Apps Every New Mom Must Have

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Becoming a new mom is one of the greatest moments of your life, but it is also one of the most overwhelming. You are totally responsible for the well-being of this tiny new life. These five apps are must haves for new moms. They make taking care of your baby much easier, decreasing the amount of stress in your life so you can spend more time bonding with your little miracle.

Total Baby App
A favorite app among Apple staff members and new moms is Total Baby. This amazing app keeps track of your newborns diaper changes, sleep, and feedings. You can also log bath times, immunizations, visits to the doctor, milestones, and much more. You can impress your doctor with all the information he will ask for at your child’s next appointment. You most likely have your phone on you at all times, so you will be able to access this information anytime you need to. This app was incredibly helpful to me while I was nursing my baby. I was always able to see what side I nursed last, and how long she ate. I still use it for my two-year-old to log things such as milestone events, funny things she says, and growth information.

White Noise Baby
A perfect way to put your little one to sleep is adding white noise to your routines. The sound is soothing to newborns, and can also be very soothing for yourself. This app loops sounds for ongoing play, making sure your child will be asleep before turning off. Sounds include noises from anything such as car rides to vacuum cleaners. Add it to your smartphone for the familiar white noise to have with you anytime you are away from home.

Baby MedBasics
The first night we were home with our oldest, she had an episode. She was choking on some mucous and it scared us to death. Fortunately, she was okay, but it stressed the importance of having access to emergency information, and instructions on how to handle them. This app provides lifesaving tips such as what to do if your baby is choking, and how to treat a burn on your newborn. It provides a sense of relief when you have step by step instructions for emergencies including how to perform infant CPR.

Share your baby’s biggest (and smallest) moments with your loved ones. This app will keep your photos organized in a timeline. You also have the choice to have that timeline printed in a bound hardcover to keep forever. This is an easy way to keep on top of the millions of photos you will probably take. It will be one less thing to worry about, giving you more time to snuggle with your little one.

Child Health Tracker
Use the Child Health Tracker app to log and view all of your kid’s health information. It’s a great way to keep track of well-baby visit stats and immunization records. You will also have your health provider’s information at your fingertips, and up to date family history information. This will also come in handy when your child is older, and you need to fill out health information for school, camps, or trips. All of the needed information will be in one place, and easy to access.