5 Active Play Activities To Try With Your Baby

Babies are active little humans, and rightfully so! They’re attempting to explore the very-new world around them, so help them out with activities ideal for active babies. They’re simple and give your baby exactly what’s needed in regards to active play.

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Head Turning

Try this activity when your baby is on her back.

Jingle keys or other rattle-tastic toys to make (not too loud) sounds so your baby turns her head towards the noise. Repeat on the other side and get an older brother or sister in on the action. Place the baby in different positions and locations and talk to her about what she sees and hears. For example, if your baby is prompted up in a baby seat or high chair while you’re washing dishes, talk to her about noises the water and dishes make.

Arm Push-Up

Dangle a noisy, colorful toy in front of your baby when he’s on his stomach. Encourage him to use his arms to stand up. Lift the toy slowly so he has a better understanding of what he needs to do.

Grasping And Reaching

Create a baby treasure basket filled with items from around your home. Make certain all items are baby-safe, i.e. no sharp edges and the like. Sit on the floor and hold your baby in your lap. Keep the treasure basket in front of her and allow her to reach and grab various items. She’ll love getting to touch each new object and wonder about it. This is also a great way to distract your baby and tire her out!

Stuffed Animal Peek-A-Boo

Find a plush toy that features arms you can work with for this classic baby activity. Use the arms to “hide” the toy’s eyes from your baby and say “Peek-a-boo!!” when moving arms away from the eyes. This repetitive activity actually provides a good foundation in math, especially if you change the pattern every so often. It gives you a nice idea of how aware your baby is of patterns and numbers.

Bath Activities

Use assorted bath toys to keep your active baby stimulated during tub time. Baby bubbles and tub toys offer a fun and exciting element your baby will no doubt love. Just remember to keep your baby safe during bath time to avoid unpleasant accidents!

Enjoy playing with your active baby and watching him learn more and more about the world…it’s a wonderful thing!