Best Apps for Back to School – High School

Best Apps for Back to School - HS

High school apps are designed to help students get through the tough classes and get ready for college. Here are some of the best reviewed and recommended apps for high schoolers.


Mathway – Math Problem Solver is a tool for math students of nearly all levels. The app allows users to enter equations at nearly any level of complexity and then solves them.

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Thumbnail Theater-MacBeth

Dig in to The Scottish Play with Thumbnail Theater: Macbeth. This hilarious, well-crafted app is appropriate for Shakespeare lovers of all ages, and is a great way to introduce kids to the spookiest play in the famed writer’s repertoire.

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Zinkerz Prep for SAT Test

Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test is the perfect app to help students get prepped and ready for the big test. With seemingly endless tips, tricks, and exercises, this app offers hours of pre-test practice for students to ensure they have all they need to get ready for their SAT test. Perfect for practice at home or in the classroom.

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Quizlet-Flashcards and Study Tools

Quizlet gives users access to millions of flashcards created by other users and organized by topic and class. The app allows users to create their own sets of flashcards, as well, and share with others or keep private. Users can opt to have most flashcards read aloud, and there are matching games to help students practice the info.

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Duolingo-Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo offers short and sweet practice sessions with a choice of 13 languages. The app provides several styles of interaction with bite-sized lessons and offers rewards for consistent practice, as well as many other features that encourage learning.

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