2016 Edition: Best Apps for Back to School-6th Grade

High quality educational apps for 6th grade can be a little harder to find in the App Store. Our list of reviewed and recommended apps include world geography, middle school vocabulary prep, a comprehensive math practice tool, a tower defense geometry game and a graphic novel that covers a variety of middle school issues like self-esteem, teasing, bullying, peer pressure, stress and insecurity.

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CK-12 presents practice activities and instructional videos for students to study that will improve their performance in math and science. The app covers math for grades 1-5, as well as middle and high school math and science courses.

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Math Climber HD

Math Climber HD is a game to help math students practice basic math skills ranging from addition and subtraction facts through operations with fractions, percents and decimals. Solve problems in timed or untimed environments, earn coins that can be exchanged for various rewards and hints, and send progress records via email to teachers or mentors.

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GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic

GeoBee Challenge by National Geographic was in the top 15 in our Readers’ Favorite Geography apps. This iPad only World geography app is designed for kids in grades 4 through 8. They are not kidding when they warn that this app is not for beginners!

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Middle School Vocabulary Prep

Middle School Vocabulary Prep provides hundreds of words with definitions and parts of speech to study and learn, with practice quizzes and larger, randomized tests. Students can email test results and performance details to teachers or parents.

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Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles

Math Galaxy Fraction and Decimal Riddles provides users with identification and computation problems ranging from recognizing parts of a whole through operations with fractions, operations with decimals, operations with four types of measurement numbers, and calculation of angle measures using parallel lines. The format is game-like, set up for one to three players, and correct answers are rewarded with a score that represents “prize money,” similar to popular game shows. Correct responses reveal letters that eventually spell the answer to a riddle. Correct answers in the Jumble section reveal a hidden word from the scrambled letters.

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