Best Apps for Back to School – 5th Grade

Best Apps for Back to School - 5th Grade

Here are some of the best of the best apps for fifth graders as they head back to school. This list includes reviewed and recommended apps to help practice fractions, basic math, and grammar. There are also some apps that will open doors of programming and science. Enjoy!

The Everything Machine

The Everything Machine gives players the tools to tap into the iPad/iPhone/iPod’s power and versatility by setting up an intuitive programming language. Users can experiment with turning the device’s built-in sensors, hardware and features on and off on command to accomplish a wide array of tasks.

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Namoo-Wonders of Plant Life

“You can find joy everywhere if you only look close enough” is the quote that opens NAMOO – Wonders of Plant Life. Developers of the app have worked hard to make that quote a reality for kids. This beautiful app combines calming background music with detailed illustrations and informative texts to help kids learn all about plant life. Kids will explore different aspects of plant life, from the composition of plant cells to the types of roots plants have. Throughout the app, kids will discover interactive diagrams, animated illustrations, and other engaging content designed to help them understand the content. At the end of the day, developers have created a quality app that can enhance science instruction and help kids enjoy learning about plant life.

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Crazy Times Tables-Multiplication Photo Fun

Crazy Times Tables incentivizes multiplication facts practice with games and visual effects. The app provides several levels of difficulty with twelve games and users can isolate specific fact families (x 1 through x 12) or set up for mixed practice. It also isolates math facts that were incorrectly answered and allows practice just on that list.

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Slice Fractions

Slice Fractions offers a wordless, hands-on walk through basic fraction concepts such as the meaning of the numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, and fraction ordering. Players have to solve physics problems by slicing objects and removing barriers to movement at the correct times and places to progress through the game.

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Grammaropolis (full version) is a teaching and practice tool to help students learn the parts of speech. The Nouns section is free, and the other seven parts of speech are available as separate in-app purchases of $1.99 each or $12.99 for the entire set. Each section includes explanatory videos and interactive books as well as brief multiple choice activities and two quizzes.

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