Best Apps for Back to School – 3rd Grade

Best Apps for Back to School - 3rd Grade

Reviewed and recommended apps for third graders will make finding just the right one for your child a piece of cake! Here are some great ones to help with cursive writing, math skills, composition and creativity, and more.

Letter School Cursive Writing

Teaching kids to write in cursive may seem like a lost art, but it’s alive and well in LetterSchool Cursive Writing. This interactive app is designed to teach kids to write their uppercase and lowercase letters in cursive. Through the app, kids can practice writing each letter individually until they get it right. With two levels of play and multiple activities designed to have kids write their letters (and numbers) over and over again, there’s no doubt kids will have their cursive letters down pat after they make their way through this app.

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Little Big Car Factory Spelling Game

Young spellers participate in leveled practice with any of the built-in lists or groups of words entered by teacher or parent. The app automatically makes the tasks more challenging until children are spelling the word independently with no hints.

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Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles

Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles provides users with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems ranging from basic fact combinations through problems using two digit numbers. The app also includes time, money and measurement problems. The format is game-like, set up for one to three players, and correct answers are rewarded with a score in points. Correct responses reveal letters that eventually spell out spell the answer to a riddle. Correct answers in the Jumble section reveal a hidden word from the scrambled letters.

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Smart Spark: Ignite Your Child’s Learning Potential

Smart Spark walks parents or teachers through a survey designed to pinpoint students’ learning styles, then provides an easy-to-understand report showing the child’s learning strengths, communication style and possible challenges. It also analyzes YOUR learning strengths, communication style and possible challenges, so you can get information about interacting with the student.

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Write About This

Write About This offers hundreds of motivating and interesting writing prompts as well as systems to create new prompts, add other content, write and share writing, record and work collaboratively. It is a highly useful and flexible tool for home or classroom to encourage children to write.

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