Best Apps for Back to School – 2nd Grade

Best Apps for Back to School - 2nd Grade

Here are some great reviewed apps for spelling, phonics skills, listening skills, and more! These apps are perfect for second-grade students.

Planet Lettra

Planet Lettra is a playground for word-building. Users are magically transported to the mythical Planet Lettra where letters float in bubbles in the sky. When the bubbles bump, the letters combine, and sooner or later, make words. The beings on the planet eat letter groups of various types. Together, the activities set the stage for productive letter play for prereaders, emergent readers, and experienced readers alike.

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Sound Salad

Sound Salad-Help Mr. Ear by Sorting Sounds is a sound sorting and memory game for young children. Players are challenged to match short sound effects to pictures, using discrimination, memory, and attention skills.

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Attributes by Math Doodles

Attributes by Math Doodles will challenge users’ ability to find patterns and commonalities, to notice and distinguish among fine details, and to sort and categorize finely detailed drawings. Students who play will be amazed to find that math includes such a wide array of skills, and also to find that it can be so much FUN!

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Highlights: All About

Highlights: All About allows young children to explore child-friendly topics in typical Highlights magazine style. Each section includes stories, puzzles and activity ideas that will help children take their understanding to the next level.

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Spelling Bug Hangman

Spelling Bug Hangman provides over 900 built-in spelling words and the capability to add your own words to a hangman game. Users can play alone or with a friend. Players also earn coins to use to purchase hints helps to improve their play.

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