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Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test is an all inclusive app for students who want to get prepped and ready for the big test! With practice tests, flashcards, and loads of tips and tricks, this app is great for practice at school or at home.

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Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test is the perfect app to help students get prepped and ready for the big test. With seemingly endless tips, tricks, and exercises, this app offers hours of pre-test practice for students to ensure they have all they need to get ready for their SAT test. Perfect for practice at home or in the classroom.

Features include:

  • 37 Academic workouts
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
  • 4 Full length practice exams


The developers have done an excellent job creating a high quality and easy to use app for students to use as they practice for their SAT test. Zinkerz Prep For SAT offers a large variety of practice questions and drills in an organized manner that makes the app easy to follow. While there aren’t many illustrations or pictures needed, there are some additional resources that students can use while completing various problems including a calculator and virtual pencil and paper which is a nice addition. This all-inclusive study app is very well done!


To begin Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test offers a diagnostic test to provide students with a baseline comparison score that they can use as they proceed through the various ‘workouts’. Each workout is comprised of a mini challenge, drill, flashcards, and tips and tricks for test taking. The mini challenge offers five timed questions to help students practice a certain skill they need for the test such as reading comprehension. Each drill includes ten questions for students to complete that will enhance their skill set and give them an idea of what they need a bit more practice on. The flashcards section offers fifteen vocabulary words and definitions that students can practice over and over again as needed.

As if all of that weren’t enough, the developers have included 37 workouts (so far), plus four full length SAT practice tests for students to take to see how their scores have improved. Simply put, this app has everything a student needs to do well on their SAT test.


Not rated for entertainment.


Parents are going to love that they can preview this app for free. The free version includes the diagnostic test as well as two workouts for students to try. There are also 35 additional workouts that are available on a membership basis for 1, 3, or 12 months. The membership prices vary between ($9.99-$59.99). When you consider the amount of practice that is included and all of the wonderful material that is covered that will assist students in improving their SAT scores, this app is a great value!

Child Friendliness

Zinkerz Prep For SAT Test is designed for students who are in high school and is extremely easy to use. As students complete one workout, they can then easily move onto the next one while still being able to go back and review their past workouts. They can also choose when to take their practice tests to see how they have improved making this a highly valuable app.

  • NO social media
  • NO external links
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “in-app purchase” (protected, but visible)

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