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Train Your Hand is a great early learning app that provides players with practice at tracing various lines and shapes to prep them for writing. Great for young children and fun too!

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Train Your Hand is an early learning app that teaches children to trace various lines and shapes that turn into funny characters and pictures as they play. The idea is to help children with their fine motor skills as a way to help them as they move into tracing letters and numbers. This entertaining app is full of bright colors, engaging music, and is very easy to follow along. It’s great for young children.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Fun music
  • Fine motor skill practice


Train Your Hand is really designed with a young child in mind. The main page offers fun pictures for children to tap in order to get started which takes them straight into fun lines and shapes to trace. With simple tap and drag technology, children must follow the dotted line to trace each set of lines/shapes and for each one they complete correctly, they win a new award. Overall the developers have done a nice job making this app one that is easy to use and fun too.


As children begin to learn to write their letters and numbers, they must really hone in their fine motor skills and tracing capabilities. This app provides a bit of practice with that with fun lines and shapes. Straight lines, squiggles, and other shapes are used to provide ample practice which is really great for young children.


While there aren’t any specific games outside of the educational tracing that is used, there are some fun animations and music that will keep children engaged. After tracing each line/shape, it transforms into a fun farm animal or item that comes to life. As players continue to correctly trace the lines and shapes, they also earn awards that they can view in their award gallery. Adding an additional game would definitely make this app a bit more fun, but for the young audiences this is made for, it is still pretty engaging.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is a great value. With endless play and the ability to reset the trophies for children to practice over and over, this app is one children can go back to time and again. For early learners especially it’s great because it provides lots of tracing practice.

Child Friendliness

With simple tap and drag technology, children will easily be able to move through this app and trace each line and shape without a ton of instruction or help. Should they get stuck or get too far off the dotted line, there are markers throughout that will highlight the correct path so they can more easily complete the exercise.

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