The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense

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Review Summary:

Put your geometry skills to the test as you fight off invaders to save The Land of Venn in this tower defense game.

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Geometry to the rescue! The Land of Venn has come under attack and kids must use their knowledge of geometry to help save it. Of course, they need to learn some geometry in order to make that happen. Starting with points and lines, kids gradually build their geometry skills to help them fight back against the Evil Bookkenriders. To keep the monsters from drinking from the pools, kids must draw lines, triangles, and other geometric shapes to destroy them. At the end of each level is a new skill to learn and a new group of Evil Bookkenriders to defeat.

Features include:

  • Aligns with Common Core Math Standards
  • Builds geometry skills from the ground up
  • Continually increases level of difficulty
  • Offers engaging challenges


While the initial screens look a bit busy, kids will find that The Land of Venn is easy to navigate. A narrator guides them through each level, providing an explanation of and a chance to practice each new skill, before sending kids off to fight. In most cases, the game responds quickly as kids draw their new shapes, allowing them to quickly eliminate the Evil Bookkenriders, but occasionally the creatures can come so fast it’s hard for kids to keep up.


Developers have worked to align the app to the Common Core Math Standards for first through fifth grade. While the alignment isn’t 100% evident, it is done on purpose. The math lessons are built-in to the game so kids aren’t put off by the learning. Starting with basic points, kids learn geometric concepts one by one. They then immediately put those skills to use as they try to eliminate the Evil Bookenriders. As they make each shape while playing the game, the narrator calls out the name of the shape, helping to reinforce the skills kids are learning.


The game is fast-paced and somewhat addictive. As kids play, they are introduced to new evil creatures and gain new tricks to help keep those creatures from drinking from the pools. Kids can earn up to three stars for each level and also earn badges as they play the game. A store allows kids to purchase potions and other aids using points they’ve earned in the game, which helps make it look even more interesting.


There’s a lot going on in The Land of Venn but the game is still priced fairly high compared to similar apps. However, the number of levels and the level of learning that go into play make it worth a download, particularly if kids need help building their vocabulary skills. The app may be even more worth the value if developers added in the ability to set up multiple user accounts to track progress for different kids.

Child Friendliness

The game is designed to help kids learn geometry. From the subtle lessons to the encouraging narrator that guides them through, it is successful in its mission.

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Put your geometry skills to the test as you fight off invaders to save The Land of Venn in this tower defense game.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars