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Child Friendly
Teachley: Subtractimals is a fabulous tool with two teaching methods to help children learn and practice their subtraction tables in a game-like environment. Perfect for use in the classroom or at home.

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Teachley: Subtractimals is a fun math app that helps children learn and practice their subtraction tables with interesting activities. Unlike many other memory based tactics, this app teaches children two methods of learning subtraction in addition to using their memory. With fun colors, sound effects, and a game-like set up, this is one educational app kids will love.

Features include:

  • Classroom profile option
  • 2 Subtraction learning tools
  • Fun game-like set up


At first glance Teachley: Subtractimals looks more like a gaming app than an educational app. The developers have done a great job making the app visually appealing with bright colors and fun illustrations. The sound effects and the easy to use game-like set up are also great as they help children stay engaged as they learn and play.


There is no doubt this app is a fun and effective way to help children practice their subtraction skills. While many methods focus on memorization, Teachley: Subtractimals offers two other methods to teach players how to work through their subtraction problems visually with ease. By using the “count back” method, children are shown how to count back to come up with the answer while the “count on” method shows children how to start with the lower number and count up to the higher number for the answer. Both methods are effective and easy to use especially with the visual illustration with each math problem.

What I love about this app aside from the additional learning methods included, is how the problems are random and set up in a way for children to get lots of practice as they progress through the app. Parents and teachers also have the option of setting up an account to manage profiles and track player progress which is a great way to determine when children may need extra practice.


Teachley: Subtractimals is anything but boring as the developers have done a great job making this app more of a game than just an educational app. As children solve various problems, they are awarded with a number of squares that will slowly reveal a picture in the end. There is also a challenge portion of the app where children must quickly answer problems to test their knowledge in a more challenging timed environment.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is priced well for what it includes. With the ability to set up multiple profiles to be used in the classroom or at home, this app is great buy for parents and teachers.

Child Friendliness

Teachley: Subtractimals is designed to help children learn their subtraction tables in a fun, easy to use environment and it does just that. With two additional learning methods (aside from memorization) and the hint option included in the timed challenge, this app provides lots of great practice for children as they practice and improve their math skills.

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