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Review Summary:

Sticker Story-the Storybook Creativity Kit for Kids is a fun and creative way to nurture self-expression and story-telling in children from preschool through middle elementary grades.

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Sticker Story-the Storybook Creativity Kit for Kids is a tool for creative users to make and illustrate stories as ebooks, complete with page-turning effects and all.  Users create a cover and pages using a selection of characters, backgrounds, text effects, and props to tell unique stories in digital form.

Features include:

  • Create books with one or more pages
  • Use over 500 stickers, characters and backgrounds
  • Choose from several text styles
  • Hear the letter names as words are written
  • Export books to iBooks or other programs to share


Sticker Story is a high-quality app that creative kids will really enjoy. Developers did a good job of organizing the stickers into manageable groups, but it’s not immediately apparent that changing the background will change the options in many of the other sections.  For example, the winter background characters are dressed in warm clothing, and the medieval background characters are dressing in period attire.  The available objects also change, and so forth, and it will take quite a bit of exploration to find the sticker-picture to match the user’s vision for the page.  There are directions for using each section, but they are pretty basic, and some experimentation will be required to discover all of the features of the app. One minor challenge is the system to add text to pages.  Letters are chosen from a display, and pinched to resize.  It can be quite a challenge to align and size the letters so that they match and look good on the page.


This app offers outstanding opportunities for creativity and self-expression.  Kids will develop their story-telling abilities, their imaginations, and their language skills as they make the backgrounds come to life by adding characters, objects and words to each page.  Best of all, their creations are easily transferrable to iBooks and several other applications so they can be saved and shared with family and friends.

The ability to relate events in a sequence is a foundational literacy skill, and this app offers the perfect chance to hone this skill.  Kids will also build their vocabularies as they explore the vast array of backgrounds, characters and objects available to use in their books.  And young learners will hear the letter names each time they place a letter on the screen, which will reinforce spelling and letter knowledge skills.


Sticker Story is a very entertaining app.  Most children just love to be story-tellers, and the fun multiplies when they can create their own books to share.  This is a high-tech version of the homemade book, and kids will use it again and again.  It comes with a vast array of characters in various positions and types of clothing, many different objects to include in the action, a number of background themes with multiple pages that can move the action of the story around, and letters in various styles that can be placed on the page wherever the young authors and illustrators think is best.


The full version of this app costs $2.99 in the App Store, which is a decent price for what you get.  Developers promise future additions to the themed backgrounds and sticker collections, but it is unclear whether these will be provided as updates or in-app purchases.

Child Friendliness

Sticker Story is fairly child-friendly, but there are some aspects that parents should be aware of.  The parent area is unprotected, and contains visible links to social media, email and websites, but each is protected by a math problem.  Children can also see a link to other apps by this developer on the main screen, but this is also protected.  There is a mechanism to share finished books via other applications, but this is protected, as well.

  • Parent area (unprotected, contains protected external links & social media)
  • Protected mechanism to share stories on iBooks and other applications
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

Sticker Story-the Storybook Creativity Kit for Kids is a fun and creative way to nurture self-expression and story-telling in children from preschool through middle elementary grades.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars