Sago Mini Babies

Child Friendly
Sago Mini Babies is an interactive free play app that allows little ones to play, care for, and interact with four different baby animals. Great for families and children who may soon be a big brother or sister.

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Price: $2.99
AppStore User Rating: 4
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Sago Mini Babies is a cute, interactive app that allows players to care for adorable baby animals. With an open-ended free play environment, children are encouraged to explore a variety of interactive images and activities throughout the app with four characters to choose from. With gorgeous illustrations and fun sound effects this app is one young children will love.

Features include:

  • 4 Baby characters
  • Fun interactive images
  • Easy to use


Sago Mini always offers high quality apps with great images and interactive illustrations and this app is no different. As children explore a variety of real life situations you might encounter with a baby (changing diapers and messy feeding time), players experience fun sound effects and baby giggles. The free play environment allows little ones to explore the various interactive images using any of the baby characters at their own pace and without the need for assistance or guidance from parents. Overall, this app is very well done.


While this Sago Mini Babies doesn’t specifically teach traditional educational material, it does help children better understand how to care for an infant. As they change diapers, give the little ones a bath, feed and play with them, soon to be big brothers and sisters can use this app to practice their new role within the family.


Designed with young children in mind, this app is a ton of fun. As players explore the world of babies, they get to experience lots of interactive activities that allow them to feed, bathe, change, and play with each cute little baby animal. Watching them crawl around the house and out into the yard, players can enjoy playing with the baby bird, puppy, kitten or bunny in this awesome interactive app. The developers have done an excellent job with the set-up as it offers freedom to roam and explore all things ‘baby’ and children are sure to have a ton of fun!


Priced at just under three dollars this app is priced similarly to the other Sago Mini apps and is a good value for what you get. With a wide variety of interactive activities, gorgeous images, fun sound effects, and four cute baby animals to explore this is one app children will be playing over and over again.

Child Friendliness

The app overall is very easy to use and only requires children to tap and touch their way through the activities. Each interactive piece is indicated using a star and children can tap the figure to explore that activity. The rest of the interface is a bit of a free-play environment allowing little ones to explore, have fun, and move through the app on their own. There is a parents only and other apps button included on the main page, however it is protected.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchases
  • YES “more apps” (protected, but visible)

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