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Fresh off of the success of Dino Tales, Kuato Games is introducing Safari Tales. An equally entertaining and beautifully illustrated app, Safari Tales takes children on a reading journey through the African savanna. Your children will love playing and learning along with five adorable jungle baby friends.

Players start out as the baby elephant and they must direct the little guy across the jungle to find the jamming jungle beat animals. As they explore other areas of the jungle they can unlock other animals to play with like a baby rhino, a baby croc, a baby lion and more. Each animal has their own adventures and as they complete their adventures, they can earn stickers to represent their accomplishments. After each adventure is completed, a new “Safari Tale” is created. Your children can then go back into the story and use their reading and vocabulary skills to change words and make it their own. Each tale then becomes personalized to the way they want to tell it and it’s even more fun for them to read!

In addition to the adventures and the stories, this app allows children to exercise their creativity by creating their own look for the jungle animals by changing the colors and patterns of their fur. They can also play a quiz-type game with Darwin to ask him questions about the animals in Africa.


Safari Tales is a fantastic app that certainly lives up to the standard set by Dino Tales. The graphics are bright, colorful, realistic and appealing to children. The narration by the adorable meerkat Darwin is informative and educational. The adventures are fun as well as challenging and my children love unlocking hidden treasures and collecting stickers. I love the stories that the app creates after each adventure and going back and changing them and re-reading them with my kids. I also appreciate how the app can be customized according to reading level so it isn’t too difficult for them. It is a great way to expand their vocabulary as they change the original words in the story with synonyms to make it their own. Even for younger preschool –aged children who may not be readers yet, this app will provide hours of entertainment with adorable characters. This app is the perfect companion to Dino Tales and you kids will love it just as much.

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