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Wonster Words is a great spelling app for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  With Wonster Words, kids can learn how to sound out words through phonics, as well as learn how to spell words.  I love how the app features a fun cast of characters, including silly letter ghosts and monsters.

Through Wonster Words, kids can learn how to spell and sound out new words through the use of different techniques.  The app uses phonics to teach children how to sound out words.  Kids will be introduced to the alphabet, phonics, consonant blends, word families, diphthongs, digraphs and more.  As children progress through the app, they will put together words through educational mini-games, such as: interactive spelling puzzles, letter hide-and-seek and other engaging activities.  Once words are completed, kids can enjoy a fun animation – which are always head-lined by the adorable wonsters.  The animations are great because they reinforce the meaning of the word that was just taught.

The app comes with 15+ free words, along with free daily “words of the day”.  Parents can also buy more words through in-app purchasing.  If you would like to help your child learn how to spell and sound out new words, I would definitely recommend checking out Wonster Words.  I will be playing this app with my four year old son for sure!

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